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A 100% confidential book writing company.

We are a group of talented writers that work behind the scenes with some of today’s biggest influencers to get their words on paper. We take no credit for writing the books, we stay completely anonymous.

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How it works

There has never been a better time to be in the publishing space. If you have a large fan base, work with us and create an amazing book that your followers will love.

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If you have a large social media following and a channel or page dedicated to a specific subject then you need to let us write your book!

We write the book

We have a team of expert writers that will write an amazing book tailored to your social media channel. We do all of the hard work, you provide critique and the end product is an amazing book.


You publish the book on your website or any other self publishing platform and promote it to your fanbase. We split the profit equally.


This is why you will love working with us

  • Having a book published is amazing!
  • Monetization is becoming extensively more difficult. We help create an
    alternative income source.
  • Create a passive income stream for years to come
  • Attract a larger crowd to your channel and increase you fan base
  • Stay completely anonymous, our company is never mentioned anywhere
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Why we guarantee success?

Our authors are skilled professionals with years of experience, you have an audience that wants to hear what you have to say.

By joining forces success is inevitable

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